3 misunderstandings from the use of scented candles

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How do you make these beautiful candles?

The popularity of Scented Candles has become more and more widespread, and more enthusiasts have joined the ranks of using even hand-made scented candles. It can not only create a comfortable atmosphere to add interest, but also relieve the pressure of our daily life. However, many friends have many misunderstandings about the purchase and use of scented candles. Therefore, Xiaobian specially screened the common mistakes when using three kinds of candles to avoid making mistakes while using them!

1. Is the candle really bigger and more fragrant?

Some friends think that the choice of scented candles with large candle faces (such as thick candles) is more intense when burned. In fact, this is wrong. The fragrance is emitted in addition to the size of the candle, and it is also made when the candle itself is made. The proportion of the fragrance is closely related. Generally, the aromatherapy candles will have a marked aroma proportion, so you can pay attention to it when you choose.

2. Is the colored candle poisonous?
“The candles that are too bright in color are pigmented and unhealthy” is a common perception of many people.

But in fact, in the current candle craft, candle coloring has become more and more popular, because it is one of the important ways for a scented candle designer to show their creativity. After all, the candle without color is too monotonous and boring!

3. Is a candle suitable for all scenes?
There are many types of candles, depending on the size of the application. Friends who like aromatherapy, like to bring their own beloved candles when traveling, then it is recommended to choose a cup of wax, so that it is not easy to damage on the way, and at home, choose a container candle of about 300g or a column candle, so that you can When the decoration is used, it can guarantee sufficient use time and kill two birds with one stone. If it is used outdoors, the best candle is the internal combustion is a candle, so no matter whether the outside wind or not, it will not affect the decorative space of the candle, and it can bring unexpected decorative effects!