About Candles Facts & Figures

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According to the candle supplier data, take the United States as an example:

  1. Candles are used in 8 out of 10 U.S. households.
  2. U.S. retail sales of candles are estimated at approximately $6.2 billion annually, excluding sales of candle accessories (Source: Huaming Candle, 2018).
  3. Candles come in an endless variety of sizes and shapes, from tapers, votives, pillars and tealights to container/jar candles, liturgical candles, outdoor candles, novelty candles, utility candles and birthday candles.
  4. Manufacturer surveys show that 85% of all candles are purchased by women.
  5. Pillar candle, art candle, senteds candle, art candle, tealight candle, glass candle and LED candle are currently the most popular types of candles with American consumers.
  6. Candle industry research indicates that the most important factors affecting candle sales are scent, color, cost and shape.
  7. The retail price of a candle generally ranges from approximately $1.99 for a votive to $35 for a large pillar or jar candle. Impactfully scented candles in exceptionally beautiful containers and elaborate boxes can be $200 or more.