Analysis of the characteristics of craft candles

Application of column candles
How candle manufacturers increase burning time

Craft candle is a kind of candle that produces various colors of flames when it is incinerated. It is composed of the main burner, colorant and other additives. The principle of color development is based on that when certain metal ions or their compounds are heated, the electrons in the molecules are subjected to high temperature and deviate from the original orbit to form a transitional movement. The electrons emit their original stored energy during the transitional movement and announce various luster. The color of the light depends on the radiation spectrum of the substance.

Notable features
1, there are a variety of incineration colors: red, yellow, blue, green, purple and so on.
2, non-toxic, smokeless, tasteless, can eliminate odor.
3, the incineration temperature is as high as 85 ° C, and it is not easy to be incinerated after overturning.
4. The flame is soft and not dazzling. DIY can be used to make colorful candle bodies and freely combine the flame colors.
5. No CO occurs during the burning of the lamp core, and the incineration gas has no pollution to the environment.
6. It is a natural organic substance, which is easy to dissolve. It is easy to clean with Panyu and water.

Candles are representative of romance. Facing their own craft candles, collectors understand Diane Ekman’s “Discourse in the Senses Journey”: “The sense of perception not only makes people’s lives meaningful through various actions, but also cuts reality Transform into living pieces and reorganize them into meaningful patterns. “In Feng Shui, the lighted craft candles represent the energy of the five elements of fire. In a dark and humid room, craft candles can effectively improve the environment, make it look dry and bright, and work better when the craft candles are lit at night.