Aromatherapy candles are green health products

How candle manufacturers increase burning time
Smokeless Lavender Essential Oil Fragrance

Candles are made of wax or other fuels, and have a wick in them that can continue to burn after ignition. In addition to the role of ignition lighting, it is still an essential element to decorate life. The difference between scented candles and traditional candles is that the materials and processes are different. In fact, simply adding aromatherapy essential oils to traditional candle technology is not very accurate. Adding essential oils to the general process can not achieve the effect of aromatherapy and has a short service life. To achieve this aromatherapy effect, each manufacturer has its own set of production processes. Even improved technology produces long-life scented candles.

The main component of scented candles is paraffin, which is easy to melt and has a density less than water and is insoluble in water. It melts into a liquid when heated, is colorless and transparent, and slightly volatile when heated. It can smell the unique odor of paraffin. When it is cold, it solidifies into a white solid with a slight odor. Through the sense of smell, the pupae emitted by candles can have a soothing effect. In addition, it can also purify the air and remove bacteria in the air. Aromatherapy candles have been popular in foreign countries for many years, and still continue to stir up a new wave.

The scented candle is a kind of craft candle. It is rich in appearance and beautiful in color. The natural plant oil contained in it smells pleasantly when burning. It has beauty and health care, soothes the nerves, purifies the air, and eliminates odor. efficacy. Due to the differences in materials and processing technology, the price of scented candles is much higher than ordinary candles. The scented candle can be refrigerated for more than an hour before being lit, which can slow down the heating time of the candle. Every time before lighting the scented candle, you can use a nail clipper or scissors to trim the wick of the candle and cut off about a quarter of the length. This can reduce the flame of the candle and the life of the scented candle will naturally be longer.

Because the scented candle has a different service life according to its capacity, usually between 2 and 5 hours, it is recommended to extinguish the scented candle when you don’t use it temporarily, so as to limit the burning time of the candle. When the candle burns and melts, it releases the fused fragrance factors into the air, which neutralizes and decomposes toxic and harmful odors, and the essential oil factors that have health-regulating effects are absorbed by the skin and respiratory tract of the human body, and regulates the central nervous system of the human body to achieve optimal Shen Xing Nao soothes the emotions and improves the function of the respiratory system. High-priced scented candles use soy wax as the raw material. Soy wax is made of natural materials and burns fully without residue. It does not produce toxic and harmful gases. It is a true green health product.