Can Buddha candles be replaced with electronic candles?

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When many friends are offering Buddhas at home, they will point two candles in front of the Buddha statue. So, what is the meaning of the candle in front of the Buddha, but it is not clear, today we will share with you the meaning of the candle in front of the Buddha, and Whether modern society can replace burning wax with electronic candles.

1. The meaning of the candle in front of the Buddha

Buddhism attaches great importance to “light supply”, and lighting is a kind of support. But before, there was no lighting, and candles became a tool for people’s daily lighting. The Buddhist scriptures say that lighting can get a lot of good news, so lighting is a custom.
In Buddhism, the lamp represents light and wisdom, which means to remind the world to pursue wisdom to remove stupidity. The use of lamps for the Buddha implies the deep meaning of dimming the light and symbolizing the confusion of intelligence.
Buddhism encourages people to light the light. In addition to praying, it is mainly to hope that people can be kind, establish good wishes, and then contact the Dharma to accumulate their own resources for the Buddha. This is the real disaster relief. Transit is blessed.

2. Can I replace it with an electronic candle?

In fact, from the perspective of Buddhism: Xiang is reminding himself that it is not necessary for Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to grow their willingness to do so. The lamp is a symbol of hope and light, representing the wisdom and willingness of self-sufficiency. When you see the incense and the light, you can remind yourself that you are doing this with your heart.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with replacing the burning candle with an electronic candle. It is even safer and worthy of promotion.