Candles And Home Matching Skills

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DIY Proposing Rose Candles

Home, as a very personal space, always reflects the owner’s internality. From choosing furniture, eating food, to decorating a room, everything tells people how you are and what kind of image you want to build. The beating flame is the ideal element for bringing spirituality to the room. Its soft light can instantly change the space, bringing warmth and life to the cold room, adding warm or cold tones, and covering everything around it with a shimmering light and shadow. On the emotional level, candlelight can stimulate low emotions, soothe tired hearts and create a peaceful and pleasant environment. In this environment, no matter how hard day you and your family have experienced, you will also be rejuvenated and invigorated; guests who are excited will feel calm and indulge in the lingering light of candlelight; , it will also show a bit of formal and grand.

1, living room

The living room is a welcome destination, so it should make people feel comfortable and happy.

You can choose according to your preference: colored, sculpted, decorated, or just ordinary. Of course, the selected candle must match the surrounding environment. Therefore, the color and shape of the room should be noted so that you can refer to the process candle. Decorative, colorful or patterned candles are more suitable for traditional decoration. In the simple decoration and light color environment, it will be more abrupt. The latter will be concise and bright because of the cold and strong lines in the room. Makes the eyes look more comfortable. So, you can use the slender tapered candle to attract the attention of the eyes to the wall, or place a glass bowl with a floating candle on the lower plane to strengthen the surrounding Lighting. A large-volume modelling candle or some thicker cylindrical candle can be placed on its own, while some small decorative candles or tea lights can be enhanced by mirrors or reflective surfaces.

2. Restaurant

A meal is a kind of ritual that allows people to get together to eat, rest and socialize. Supplementary food is a natural need of people. People always feel joy and ease in life when facing food. Cooking and tasting food need to be mobilized. All our senses, and the embellishment of the candles, can add to the dinning pleasure. The flashing candle flame can turn the simple table into a visual feast. No matter how ordinary the food, the cutlery, and the dishes on the table are, the candle is gentle. Shining brilliance – just like food – can boost people’s emotions and ease anxiety. What is particularly important is that candlelight creates a peaceful, relaxed and intimate atmosphere that makes people feel at ease and friendly to each other. Whether it is a delicacy or a home-style dish, dining with candlelight is always more delicious.
The dining table, under the reflection of the candlelight, was extraordinarily tempting, as if it were inviting people to share the pleasure of eating together. There are several candles in the center, and the candle flames are shining and attractive. However, it should be noted that too long candles can obscure the eyes and prevent eye contact. Therefore, you should choose to place it on the table in a zigzag manner, and you can even create a string of candlesticks. It is also possible to place some fat cylindrical candles in groups, or to hold tea candles and foods in suitable cutlery, placed in rows at intervals. If the table is not large, consider placing a single candle next to each set; small molding candles and tea candles are ideal choices. Lighting up an odorless candle can clear up some unpleasant odors.

Crude cylindrical candles can burn for dozens of hours, suitable for long evening celebrations; small tealight candles are more suitable for embellishing desktops. Tears without candles are suitable for candelabra or candle holders. Aromatic candles are suitable for the atmosphere.

3, bathroom

Candles are luxury products for sensual enjoyment. It makes bathing a pure, authentic indulgence. In the world, there is almost nothing more pleasant than enjoying a hot bubble bath in the bathtub. Wall-hanging candle holders can hold one or several candles and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Even a small space can find a suitable candlestick. Wall-hanging candlesticks are usually hung in height, allowing candlelight to fill the entire bathroom. If you want to create a quaint atmosphere, you can also hang glass or metal lanterns, decorative candle holders. However, use tear-free candles. If the washstand on the wall is full of toiletries, you can use the window edge to place some ordinary candles, or put larger candles on a long, thin tray. If the edges are narrow, it is suitable to arrange a row of tea candles neatly. If bathroom space is limited, you can make full use of bathroom equipment. Fill the wash basin with warm water, let the candle float, then add a few drops of your favorite oil, or sprinkle some fresh petals. It is also a good idea to put several tea lights on the bathtub rack.

4, bedroom

The candle’s flame comes with a hypnotic comfort that helps sleep and rejuvenates. Candles have a unique quality that is unmatched by artificial lighting. It is a gentle, warm and mellow sleep. Burning a candle in the bedroom with a sweet candle or two candles or a sparkling tea wax will stir you up. Sensual enjoyment, so that everything is submerged in the candlelight. No one can deny that the candles represent romance, especially the small sensibility of glowing candles, which will surely accelerate your pulse, as if you were to see a close lover. Group candles around the bed or place them in front of the window to enhance the tenderness and refinement. You can use a variety of containers in your home: simple glassware, colored bowls, pots, even cookie jars, trays, can also be a collection of shiny candles containers. In order to make the furnishings more personalized, you can also draw simple heart-shaped patterns on ordinary candles.

Candles should be used for display, not for collection. By tying a slender candle or cone candle to a ribbon and embellishing it with dried rose buds, it will not only look beautiful, but will also give off a hint of fragrance. Putting candles in water is also a good match. The surface of the water is shimmering. For example, the fire of a bean candle flickers, and the floating candle has a deluded beauty. The candle floats naturally on the water. These simple shapes, small and exquisite candles can burn for a long time. Coupled with a crystal clear glass bowl, you can also sprinkle fresh petals on the water, or sprinkle fresh rose buds around a simple floating candle. Should choose large flowers with visual impact. The gerbera and anemone are prominently shaped and colorful, making them the ideal choice.

Candles and flowers are also a wonderful match. Ordinary candles can be decorated on the surface or printed with a simple flower pattern. On special occasions, flowers can be placed indoors, accompanied by suitable candles, or decorated with a crown of flowers at the base of the candle. The key to success in this area is the use of only one kind of flower to avoid the various flavors doping. At the same time, aromatic candles should be avoided because the fragrance of the candle easily covers the fresh flowers.