Classification of handmade candles

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Literature, starting with hand-made candles

Handmade candle types: Our products are jelly candles, cartoon candles, modeling candles, clay candles, scented candles , floating candles , home candles, crystal waxes, sand wax, wax flowers, wax hands, combination scenes, etc., to create the country’s second-to-none. The candle DIY creative living hall creates a work that is pleasant for different moods and different atmospheres. The novel style and unique shape allow you to learn new craftsmanship while you are showing your talents. DIY handmade candles bring you the romantic atmosphere of light and shadow brought by the candles.

Jelly candle: It can be fully utilized according to your own imagination to create a creative DIY jelly candle made of transparent, soft, and malleable jelly wax that can be made in a variety of shapes and colors. Crystal clear and crystal clear, if frozen and brightly lubricated, it is a very personal artwork in a variety of glassware.

Cartoon candles: DIY cartoon candles of various shapes, such as Crayon Shinchan, Naruto, Machine Cap, Donald Duck, Kay Cat, etc. Thousands of classic anime cartoon characters, CS vigilance game, running card hall car Other popular game characters! Bright and cute cartoon candles let you feel the collision of romantic candles and inspiration.
Styling candles: The DIY candles illuminate different moods with different images. The perfect combination and combination of different decorations and candles, give full play to their imagination, and make their own styles with novel style and unique imprisonment. Candles, it will become part of the urban fashion family’s fun life.

Clay Candles: The emerging DIY clay candles bring us joy and color, and are very soft. We make DIY cute statues. Clay candles are also the best to cultivate our hands-on ability, use imagination, create novel styles, and create unique ones. The DIY product is easy to operate and fashionable.

Aromatherapy Candle: Create a beautiful beauty angel scented candle. Its appearance is rich and colorful, and its color is beautiful. It is a kind of romantic burning master. It contains natural plant essential oil, you can choose your favorite fragrance. It produces a pleasant fragrance when burned, creating a romantic element of its own.
Floating water candles: When people make floating candles, their meanings are different, and the meaning of the representatives is different. It may be based on happiness, beauty, blessings, wishes, etc.

Home Candles: The dazzling and fragrant DIY home candles are scented when burned for home use, adding elegance. There are also a variety of colors to choose from, green for apple flavor; red for strawberry flavor; purple for grape flavor, etc., novel and distinctive home candles are simple and generous.

Wax flower: Make various patterns with candles, such as roses that symbolize beauty and love, sunflowers that love glory and loyalty, and lotus flowers that are not stained with mud. How noble and beautiful, they represent the DIY candles of their own flowers, as well as the petals like the striped, combined with their own ideas.

Sand wax: Sand wax is a DIY candle made of sand-like granule candles. It can be used to create a variety of patterns using only the color of the candle. It is like a flying petrel, like a love link, or you can use dried flowers. Use the combination of candles to create patterns, like the use of red petals to the mystery of the purple candles.
Crystal wax: Crystal candle is a simple and exquisite shape, with different colors of crystal wax to make the shape, the most commonly used is the constellation, zodiac shape.

Wax Hand: Wax Hand is a symbol of fashion personality and art. It is healthy, happy, full of fun and excitement. It is a novelty that you can’t be missed in your life. It is a unique art and souvenir that truly belongs to you. It is a DIY candle made with your hand as a model, unique.