Craft candles are an integral part of religious culture

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The liquid color flame candle can create a warm and romantic, fragrant and colorful atmosphere in a variety of environments in a variety of environments. Process candles, which do not emit black smoke, are not easy to self-ignite, burn no residue wax, and do not pollute the tableware, etc., which is more in line with the current world environmental protection trend. Chinese goods have always been well-known in Togo and West Africa for their good quality and low price. In West Africa, due to the backwardness of the power industry, the shortage of electricity is also very serious. Candles and flashlights have become a necessity in daily life, and flashlights require batteries, so candles It has a large market in West Africa.


In addition, due to the increasing cultural exchanges with the outside world, the West African people are increasingly choosing to believe in religion. Therefore, the candles needed for religion are more and more satisfied by meeting the needs of religious beliefs and meeting the needs of daily life. The people of West Africa are welcome. You can add other accessories, such as the production of a candle with a base, so that you can start from the candlestick and produce a variety of different styles of candles. This type of candle will be welcomed by Western countries who like to pursue novelty, fashion and mystery. .


Craft candles are an indispensable product in religious culture. Candle manufacturers also occupy a large share in the religious industry. However, many manufacturers who focus on the candles needed to produce religion are relatively simple, and the products are more traditional and less novel. In this way, the market and purchasers targeted by the export will be limited. It is recommended that candle manufacturers can use their own raw materials and other resources, in addition to the production of traditional candles, but also from the shape of the candle, product structure and other aspects of appropriate innovation.