DIY Proposing Rose Candles

Candles And Home Matching Skills
Small crowd incense candles, let you bid farewell to the smell of the streets

Roses are a favorite of all women. Anyone who wants to marry will be able to make a hand-made rose candle with their own hands, and the results will definitely be more effective. Imagine a lit rose candle, the candlelight flashing on a cheerful night, shining on your handsome, beautiful face. What a beautiful picture! Next, let Zhaiju Xiaobian teach you how to make a rose candle.

DIY proposing rose candles

1 Preparation materials:

White candles, pink crayons, knives, chopsticks, or other items that can be stirred at high temperatures.

2 production process

We need to mix candles and pink crayons in containers and mix them into wax water.

3 Gently pour wax, remind everyone: Be sure to start production when it is dry!

4 Start the package like this.

5 Patience a little bit wrapped up.

6 Such a flower is produced!

Is it beautiful? The above is all the details of DIY wedding candles