Do you know what an aromatherapy candle is?

Selection of scented candles
Is it true that a candle can go to formaldehyde?

In this rich and colorful and full of countless passion times, lipstick and perfume have been the necessary needs of most women’s life, a lipstick brings the good color of the whole person, a bottle of perfume presents the emotional appeal of a good life. In many European and American countries, the beautiful fragrant candle has already become their life attitude.Each kind of fragrance, interprets each kind of mood. The longing for quality life and the pursuit of romantic sentiment have long been an indispensable element in the embellishment of life atmosphere.

What are scented candles?

Aromatherapy candles, also known as craft candles, are made from a variety of plant waxes, commonly known as soy waxes, coconut waxes, palm waxes and paraffins. Match different dry flower accessories, combine different utensils to create more candle crafts and holiday gifts. Whether used in homes, shopping malls, weddings, birthday parties, it can create a romantic and cheerful atmosphere.

The main ingredients of scented candles

Soy wax, wax made of hydrogenated soybean oil production, melting point generally about 45 ~ 58 ℃, affordable, non-toxic smoke-free, combustion duration, and many other advantages by modern people often used in the process of production materials such as candles, candles, essential oils, made for the sustainable growth of soybean, combustion gas non-toxic harmless and waste natural biodegradable, safe and environmental protection and energy saving is a kind of renewable resources.

What effect does an aromatherapy candle containing natural plant essential oil have on the human body?

1. Purify air and eliminate peculiar smell

No matter be bathroom, bedroom, office, toilet, shop, scented candle is after lighting, the essential oil that extracts through natural plant is met with the temperature that burn gives plant essential oil oneself balmy odour, eliminate peculiar smell to improve air quality thereby volatile generation negative ion can decompose secondhand smoke.

2. Improve sleep, relieve stress and strengthen immunity

Rich in organic growth quality pure plant essential oil of scented candles, fragrance released after being absorbed by human body, can enter the human body in the blood and lymph, so as to promote the body metabolism, increase immunity, and use different plant essential oil, can achieve regulating sleep, appease irritability, refreshing, improve respiratory diseases, balance hormones, activate cells, long-term use can make the human body are often in a healthy environment.