Handmade aromatherapy wax

Aromatherapy candle tips
Does the size of the room affect the concentration of aromatherapy candles?

I don’t like tonal complex perfumes, and I don’t like the smell of smoke. Inadvertently, I fell in love with a piece of wax that quietly emits fragrance. There is always a fragrance that seems to be absent in the air.
As one of the [cold-flavored” varieties, the aromatherapy wax is not only the face value, but also suitable for more occasions. The room, the closet, the carriage, or the desk is only arbitrarily admiring its beauty.

Prepare materials:
Tools: electronic scales, small pots, wax sheet molds, stir bars with thermometers
Material: natural soy wax, dried flowers, essential oils
Note: Special soy wax is needed because the soy wax is naturally non-polluting, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, the waste is biodegradable, and it performs better in retaining the aroma of essential oils. Ordinary ordinary candles are made of paraffin, and paraffin is extracted from petroleum and releases toxic chemicals.

Production steps:
1. Melt the soybean wax, which can be heated directly or heated by water.
2. When the temperature of the wax liquid drops to about 60 degrees, add essential oil (the ratio of essential oil and soybean wax is controlled at 15%), stir evenly and then pour into the mold.

3. When the edge begins to solidify, the decoration must be added. The time must be grasped. The flower material will be submerged by the wax liquid too early. It is too late for the flower material to be easily integrated, resulting in uneven surface of the wax sheet. Appropriate white space in the design, the flower material does not have to be too full, it is best to partially fill the candle to leave the surface of the candle.
4. After observing thorough solidification, start demoulding. This step should be gentle and careful.
5, plus metal buckle, tied with a hemp rope or ribbon, you’re done!