How do you make these beautiful candles?

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Two days ago, I stumbled upon a beautiful scented candle brand called Cosmic Speculation. They have a series, the candles themselves are busts of mythical figures, there are three models are Ali Ade Nie, Mars and St. George, each with pink, green and blue colors. Although the price is not very expensive, please tell me, who is this beautiful candle?


If they feel helpless about this kind of candle that they can’t bear, they also have a series called “To the Air”, which is friendly to obsessive-compulsive disorder, but only made a sculpture on the cover of the candle. When the decorations are pretty good, the candles inside can be really real… I think it`s very suitable for the [proletarian middle class” who has just been popular in science recently – even though they don`t have a lot of money, they are very strict. The land is demanding its own people with the consumption habits and aesthetic tastes of the middle class. You see, spend a fragrant money, put it at home and look good, and have a reason to be justified. The fragrance that was originally a “consumer” has become an ornament. This kind of money-saving and beautiful thing, where to find it?