How should the candle on the birthday cake be inserted?

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In daily life, birthdays are common. It can be said that birthday is a kind of embellishment to life, and it is a ritual with a sense of ritual. In such a ritualistic scene, if there is no candle on the birthday cake, it is a birthday cake without soul. After so many years of birthday, how are the birthday candles on the cake inserted? How much should be inserted, why do you plug it in, do you really know?

First of all, a set of standard birthday cake candles are divided into 4 colors, 3 for each color, and a total of 12 birthday candles. According to the color of the candle, it ranges from 1 to 2, 2, 10 and 20 years old. Why is this set up? Because these 12 candles can form any number within 99, for example, 39 years old, 3 candles representing 1 year old, 3 candles representing 2 years old, 1 candle representing 10 years old and 1 representing 20 years old The composition of the candles, put these candles on the birthday cake, it is 39 years old.

However, in such a fast-paced and succinct life, the digital birthday cake candle is more in line with the current rhythm of our life, and it is very convenient to insert the candle of the corresponding age for many years.

The birthday cake was introduced to China from the West during the Republic of China. Birthday cakes were born on birthdays. It is a legend of ancient Greece. When the ancient Greeks celebrated their children, they would put a lot of cake desserts on them. Decorating many small candles that are lit, saying that the decoration may not be very accurate. In fact, this can be said to be a ritual. The ancient Greeks believed that these lit candles have mystical power, if the child makes a wish and blows out these The candle of mysterious power, then, the good wishes of the child will be realized. Of course, this is a purely Western culture that may differ slightly from the culture of our country. Is it a very up posture?