How to choose a good quality wedding candle?

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Most of the wedding candle selection is to imply beautiful red and crimson, yellow, white, etc. There are many choices in choosing styles. There are also many styles. Flora and fauna, barbie, stars, heart shape and more. Common are long-column candles. There are also glasses and candles with metal bottom lids. So how to choose a good quality wedding candle?

First, high-quality wedding candles should not be deformed in summer. Does not fade. Can be kept for a long time. If the candle is dusty, wipe it with a clean, damp cloth. Or you can wipe with vaseline. Gives dusty candles a new look.

Second, the higher the transparency. The better the quality. Good quality wedding candles. After lighting, it should be transparent throughout the body. The less the impurity content, the better the light feeling. Such a candle is smokeless and has no odor. It is harmless to the human body. This is an environmentally friendly candle. When buying, you can use a flashlight to illuminate the candle. Or take the candle to the light. Seeing transparency at a glance.

Some candles are full of color and shape, this kind of candle is especially suitable for creating the atmosphere in the wedding room. Red is still very suitable for the color of the wedding room. Turn off the lights and light a few red candles at several places in the room, which can definitely interpret the romance of the wedding.

Third, you must pay attention to scented candles, not the more scented, the better, it is recommended to buy pure natural spices, or some artificial flavors will cause no harm to the human body. If you are not sure, it is safer to buy smokeless and ambiguous candles.

Wedding candles are often used at wedding receptions. Because the theme wedding is popular now, the theme wedding will determine a main color, and the ubiquitous candles need to be used to match this color at the wedding banquet. Therefore, wedding candles do not need to be colorful but can have different shapes. You can also find matching candlesticks to enhance the taste of the entire wedding scene.