How to choose a scented candle?

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The main component of the candle is a wax base with different components. Most candles on the market use paraffin because the cost is lower and the disadvantage is that it is easier to produce black smoke. The rest are palm wax, soy wax and beeswax. The best candle is of course beeswax base and pure cotton core, which is harmless to the human body while being the most environmentally friendly.

Of course, using paraffin as the base is not necessarily inferior to other wax types. It is also good to add a high concentration of essential oil Scented Candles through a good refining method and manufacturing process. So, having said so much, you only need to pay attention to objectively when choosing candles:


(1) Try to avoid choosing candles that are too colorful, and there is a suspicion that a large number of industrial pigments are added;
(2) Try to choose a candle with a relatively large candle surface, so that when the candle burns, the more candle tears accumulate on the candle surface, the stronger the aroma it emits.
(3) The rest, “taste is what you like” is just fine.