How to use scented candles

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The scented candle has a fresh and pleasant scent. Unlike candles in the traditional sense, scented candles are a type of craft candle. The use of scented candles needs to pay attention to methods and methods. Simply lighting, senior candle lovers seem to be violent. So how can we use it better? Let’s get it next.

1: Refrigerator refrigerated

If the scented candle is used for the first time, it is advisable to keep it in the refrigerator for about 2-3 hours before lighting it. This can slow down the burning rate of the candle and increase the burning time.

Two: Ignite

Choose to light the candle with a match. If the wick is too long, it is advisable to trim the wick before lighting. After the candle is lit, it is burned for about 2 hours. The candle on the surface layer is completely melted, and then it will show a perfect wax pool, and it will not appear as a memory hole.

Three: calm down

Aromatherapy candles can not be blown out with your mouth. Use a professional candle extinguisher to push the candle wick into the wax pool of ablation, and then quickly lift the candle wick after calming down.

Four: Trim the wick

If the candle wick is too long, it will cause the flame to be too high and present a situation such as memory holes or black smoke. Generally, it is advisable to trim the candle wick every 4 hours after burning. After the candle is burned, allow the candle to cool naturally, and then use a wick scissors to trim the wick to 0.3cm.