Is it true that a candle can go to formaldehyde?

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Staying in a new house is a joy to everyone. However, due to the proliferation of unscrupulous companies, formaldehyde exceeds the standard and is the most concerned issue for residents.

A variety of methods for removing formaldehyde have also appeared. Recently, a question and answer screenshot of “Cancel the formaldehyde in the house” was circulated on the Internet. Say “can light candles, use the carbon particles generated by the burning of candles to absorb formaldehyde, in order to achieve formaldehyde removal.” In addition, burning candles can also burn off the released formaldehyde… Is this method really useful?

According to the survey, 60% of the participants chose to believe this method. However, the experimental results are diametrically opposed. Why is this method easy to convince people?
First of all, because the scent produced by the burning of the candle covers the smell of formaldehyde, it gives the illusion of “removing formaldehyde”. In fact, this method is “to cover up.”
Secondly, the burning process of the candle will produce excessive organic pollutants. The gray smoke generated after the burning of the candle belongs to the carbon ash substance, and it can indeed absorb some formaldehyde. However, in terms of the amount of combustion, the requirement to remove formaldehyde is not achieved. And compared with the organic pollutants produced after combustion. This elimination of formaldehyde is really worth the loss.
Finally, the renovation of fire in new homes is also a major issue. Never listen to the wind or the rain. In the event of a fire hazard, there will be greater losses.
So use candle burning to eliminate formaldehyde or advise everyone not to try.