Light up a favorite scented candle, you can pass it no matter how hard

How to burn scented candles is very particular
Scented candles have these eight great

Someone asked me: Do you feel any pain? of course. I often have gloomy moments of depression, depression, insomnia, and no desire to work at all. But as my colleague said before, you are so busy and tired without any depression symptoms, it may be because your negative emotions are vented through shopping. Haha, it’s not without reason.

In fact, shopping is not accurate. It should be said: those trivial beauty and good life, like beautiful things, beautiful clothes and beautiful food, can sometimes save people from gloom.

For example, I have been a bit depressed these days. Yesterday I finished the push. I lit the scented candles I like and took a comfortable bath. I felt like I was a good guy again. Haha.

I have mentioned scented candles in several topics before. A lot of friends in the background said that because I fell in love with candles. Happy. But I don’t seem to have written a topic specifically for it. Because it’s going to be a pleasant weekend again, you will have more time at home to study how to make your home more comfortable. So let’s write it ~

I really like all kinds of scented candles. Every time I travel, I see my favorite flavor and packaging, and I will carry it back without any weight. It’s almost Christmas recently, and many brands have launched Christmas fragrances.

For me, scented candles have a calming effect. On a business trip or busy outside all day, I was exhausted. I lit a scented candle and smelled a familiar scent. Yuanshen was back.

There are some scented candles that have effects such as soothing sleep. I especially like to order a little while in the bath or before going to bed. In “Friends,” Monica gave Chandler Amway a bathing method: light scented candles, put a little soft music, and start a bubble bath. Chandler didn’t want to do such a damn thing when he was killed, but after trying it once, he wanted to stop. He spent a few hours every day bathing, hahaha ~ ▼

When Chandler proposed to Monica, he lit a candle in the living room. Scented candles bring a romantic atmosphere. In “Sex and the City”, this classic dialogue between Carrie and Mr Big was also born in candlelight.

I guess, with its blessing, the chance of confession or marriage proposal should be much higher! ▼

For weekend appointments, even if there is no candlelight dinner, you can also light scented candles, a glass of red wine with a movie, and enjoy the good times. I remember there was a scene in “Descendants of the Sun”, where Qiao Mei and Song Zhongji lighted scented candles to chat ~ ▼

Not necessarily chatting with male tickets, chatting with girlfriends, with the blessing of scented candles, it is also very warm.

Well, there is one more point. Because I am in the south and live on the first floor, the humidity is still quite large, so I prefer to light candles, so that the air will become drier and remove the musty smell at home. Especially on a rainy day, I light a candle, it is warm and fragrant, the outside is prickling, but the inside is warm and comfortable ~ it can’t be more comfortable.

Moreover, compared with summer, winter is more suitable for candles. A lamp, a book, a person, covered with a warm quilt, lit with candles, there is light, heat and aroma ~ it doesn’t matter if it’s cold.

By the way, good-looking scented candles are still a good home decoration, as we have said before.

The reason why I like candles is probably because it has an old feeling, as I wrote in a poem by Li Shangyin that I like very much: “When He Dang cuts the candles in the west window, but when Bashan is raining at night” ~ Although this Candles are not the same, but the romantic sparks are the same.

Ah, write it down again and feel that it will become a disease-free moaning text, or go back to the field we are most familiar with buying and buying! Before recommending a brand, let’s talk about some common sense of choosing candles.