Selection of scented candles

Romantic craft candles
Do you know what an aromatherapy candle is?
First, it varies from room to room.
The size of the room will affect the concentration of the fragrance. If the room is larger, you can choose a candle with a larger candle or a larger candle. Because the candle burns, the more the candle is melted, the stronger the aroma will be. . On the contrary, if the room is small, you can choose a small-sized candle. It is too rich in flavor, and it will make people feel that oxygen is insufficient. If necessary, open the window slightly.


Second, avoid mixing
When choosing a candle, do not use the ordinary candle and the scented candle at the same time, or use a variety of Scented Candles at the same time. At the same time, the ordinary candle and the scented candle are ignited, the former will absorb the aroma of the latter, so that the fragrance in the room will become very light, but it will not achieve the desired effect. When igniting two or more scented candles at the same time, different scent blends may produce another strange odor, and our sense of smell will be numb due to too many flavors.


Again, avoid the smell of smoke

Nowadays, the scented candles are produced by regular manufacturers, and are generally used as vegetable waxes, such as soybean candles. Compared with traditional paraffin wax, vegetable wax is healthier and more environmentally friendly. It does not produce smoke and scent when burned, which is beneficial to the human body. During the burning of the candle, the wick should be trimmed frequently, and the length of the wick should be kept at 0.5cm-0.8cm (note that special scissors should be used when trimming, be careful of burns), and the wick will affect the fragrance. Do not blow out the mouth when extinguishing the candle to avoid white smoke and burnt smell. It is recommended that you use a toothpick or a short wire to place it under the wick, push the wick down, let the wax flood the flame, and then cool the wick vertically. This will not produce white smoke and burnt smell, it is also convenient for the next use.