Selection tips for scented candles

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Selection and daily maintenance of scented candles

The use of scented candles in the living room has become a new way for modern fashion families to adjust their lifestyle. So how should a scented candle be chosen?

First, it varies from room to room.

The size of the room will affect the concentration of the fragrance. If the room is larger, you can choose a candle with a larger candle or a larger candle. Because the candle burns, the more the candle is melted, the stronger the aroma will be. . On the contrary, if the room is small, you can choose a small-sized candle. It is too rich in flavor, and it will make people feel insufficient oxygen. If necessary, open the window slightly.

Second, avoid mixing

When choosing a candle, do not use the ordinary candle and the scented candle at the same time, or use a variety of scented candles at the same time.

Again, avoid the smell of smoke

Nowadays, scented candles are produced by regular manufacturers, and are generally used as plant waxes, such as soy candles. Plant wax is healthier and more environmentally friendly than traditional paraffin wax. It does not produce smoke and scent when burned, which is good for human body.