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In many people’s eyes, candles only come in handy when there is a power failure. But don’t underestimate candles. They have a big market. It is reported that every year there is a demand of more than $120 of candle products, Europe and the United States and other countries alone account for more than 75% share, while around the candle industry such as adornment candlestick of form a complete set of accounts for about 37% share of the market. Industry insiders point out that the global consumption demand for candle products will remain stable for a long time and continue to increase due to cultural, religious and living needs.


China is the world’s largest producer of candles, for many years with high quality and low price candle product validation from around the world, in recent years, as China’s candle export and the rapid growth of domestic candle in the international market share gradually increase. “In the last 10 years, the development of candle industry has changed from thousands of years of traditional manual workshops to modern industrial production. A large proportion of candle manufacturers have reached international standards in product development, production technology, product quality, delivery services and marketing. “Said chang ‘an kekuan, secretary of the Chinese candle association.

It is understood that the candle industry is an emerging industry in China, now more than about 1500 production enterprises, employees more than 100000 people, formed a certain scale of about more than 400, more than for labor-intensive industries. Candle industry in foreign trade exports and light industry have greater influence. “Candle wax deep processing products, can solve the problem of paraffin wax of a large number of export of raw materials, improve the added value of the products at the same time, the candle industry, also drove the packaging industry related light industry products, such as glass and ceramic industry vigorous development.” “Said ancbreadth.

And candle industry leader in China Qingdao jin wang group was given the concept of continuous innovation and make China’s independent brand beliefs, opened in the candle production and sales of a belongs to own world, to become Asia’s largest candle products. It is understood that the company exports 95 percent of its candles and related products to Europe and the United States, and has occupied the leading position of wal-mart and other hypermarkets in Europe and the United States for many years. “You can’t innovate with technology, you can’t own the core of your own intellectual property, you can’t have a century-old brand.” Chen sobin, President of Qingdao jinwang group, often USES this phrase to encourage employees. The company independent research and development of new polymer matrix composite wax products and materials is a fine polymer matrix and vegetable wax and other organic compounds in combination of a new generation of environment-friendly candle products, market prospects are broad.


It is known that in 2004, China exported us $139 million worth of candles, accounting for 60% of China’s total candle exports. Due to China’s candle beautifully made and the price is low, is very popular in the us market, both in the wal-mart and other large stores, or “$1” convenience stores such as shopping malls, even in the heart of New York’s fifth avenue have candles in China, China became the largest exporter of candles. But should not be ignored is the fact that, although at present in China of the candle production enterprise has more than 1500, but 80% ~ 90% are OEM, and small, does not have its own design and patent, the profit is very low. The development of enterprises in the industry is not balanced, and some enterprises are relatively backward. And, the main raw material of candle is paraffin, it is refined from petroleum processing, at present, only the petroleum of our country contains rich paraffin. Candles made by American companies use paraffin wax and are mainly imported from China. Because of China’s export tax rebate, Chinese paraffin wax used by U.S. companies is cheaper than that purchased domestically by Chinese companies.

In recent years, the appreciation of the renminbi, rising prices of raw materials, the United States, a 108.3% 37.1% of anti-dumping duties, the European Union imposed anti-dumping duties, a variety of trade barriers and the influence of such factors as the global financial crisis, more make the candle production enterprise’s development was severely hampered, the extreme survival environment of the industry, there have been some candle production enterprise production failures or on the verge of bankruptcy. “Traditional candle products are no longer competitive in the market. The only way out is to develop and innovate, improve the management level of enterprises and adjust the product structure to adapt to the new situation. “Said ancbreadth.


Therefore, industry experts suggested that the candle manufacturer can use itself has its own resources such as raw materials, in addition to the traditional production candles, from the modelling of candles, proper innovation product structure, etc. It is understood that the candle is an integral part of a product of religious culture, religious candle manufacturer in industry also accounted for a larger share, however, a lot of focus on manufacturer of religious need candles products more onefold, a traditional product, is not novel, so exports for the market and the buyers also is limited. According to experts, in the world candle market candle products in the United States and Europe in the religious ceremony, home decoration has an indispensable role. Due to the influence of economic development degree, it leads the consumption trend of candle products in the world and becomes the region with the strongest consumption capacity of candle. According to the calculation data provided by the American candle association, the annual sales volume of candles and related crafts in the world is more than 10 billion us dollars, of which more than 70 percent is in Europe and the United States. Therefore, Chinese candle manufacturers can take this as a stable target market. And China has always been famous for cheap goods Togo and west Africa market, west Africa because of the electric power industry, electric power shortage is very serious, candles and flashlights obviously become necessities of People’s Daily life, and a flashlight due to still need to battery, so the candle holds a large market in west Africa.


Export 3 candles can switch back to 1 refrigerator, so expensive candles in Chinese eyes did not seem credible, but in Europe and the United States, one in four families a candle in China made of Qingdao jin wang. Small candle business, in this industry, it took more than 100 years for American enterprises to become the world’s first, Chinese candle business is still on the way.