strawberry candle making method

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Soy Wax: White Beeswax 10:1 (container candle) 5:1 (wax or ordinary candle)
Coconut wax: white beeswax 5:1 (coconut wax is particularly soft, the melting point is also very low 45 degrees, so be sure to do it in the container)
Jelly wax: It must be in the container, no need to add other wax, the melting point is relatively high, the condensation is very fast, but the condensation is very long. Transparent.

Container selection: glass, iron box, candle mold


Essential oils: It is recommended to use a single essential oil, or a compound oil that has been blended. Personally, the emotional combination is very good. In addition, I compared the essential oils of aromatherapy and Dotray’s essential oils on the market. I found that the essential oils of aromatherapy are particularly fragrant. There are definitely a lot of additions in it. As long as a small amount is full of fragrance, the taste is unnatural. Dotray’s essential oils taste natural, but they are not so fragrant. It is recommended to add more, especially woody essential oils, such as firs, which must be added to be useful.


Take the strawberry cup as an example:
1. I used a thick glass with a diameter of 6cm. If there is no layered color below, you can also use the iron box directly, which is cheaper and better.
2. Use soy wax, add one tenth to one-fifth of white beeswax, and open it in a wax pot.
Use a heated induction cooker, or heat it on the gas stove (be sure to separate the water, or paste it) Soy wax I grab it, everyone take a little more, because it still has to be strawberries. Everyone can pour it in the final container and try it out.
3, you can add color after completely melting, such as the strawberry inside me. I was divided into two containers after melting, and some of them were added with red practical pigments, as strawberries, and some were not added. When you wait 50-60 degrees, you can add essential oils when you feel it is not very hot.

4, the ratio of essential oils is 1% to 5%, it is recommended that Dotray’s essential oils at least 3% (heart is bleeding) I use peace and lavender.


How is this calculated? For example, my 6cm cylindrical cup is ready to add 6cm high wax. That is πr square h, which is about 170 cubic centimeters, which is 170ml. So 3% of the essential oil is 5ml.
5, the wick is fixed in the container, such as chopsticks fixed Dafa

Or this kind of base can be glued with glue


Pour the wax into the container and wait…
Pour the added color into the strawberry mold and wait…
When the whole solidification is completed, the strawberries are taken out, and the bottom is slightly baked with a lighter and placed in a candle cup. Cut the wick, usually 1cm on the line, and some people will leave 3cm for a label or something.
Finally, the friendship reminds that the lit candle should be extinguished and never blown. Cover it with a lid, or there will be a lot of smoke~