The Dehumidifying Effect Of Household Candle

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The dehumidifying effect of candles cannot be ignored. The scented candles,jelly candles, floating candles,tea waxes, and meal candles used in life can all be used at this time. After the candle is ignited, there is a certain function of dehumidification, and the principle is that burning causes some moisture to condense, thereby reducing indoor humidity.

Before each ignition, the wick is trimmed to 0.5-0.7 cm. It is not easy to produce black smoke when burning. Put a small amount of water in the cup before putting the candle into the candle cup or candlestick. This will make it easier to change the candle and avoid damaging the candlestick. The scented candle can use the principle of combustion to burn the odor first, then spread the aromatic molecules into the air, but the scented candle is not suitable for use in food and beverage. In addition, it is not appropriate to ignite different scented candles at the same time in the same space; after every 2-3 hours of combustion, it is necessary to stop for a period of time to prevent excessive oxygen consumption in the room.