Unlike candles, Cire Trudon is far more inventive

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These days, aromatherapy candles seem to be on a date, whether it’s in a circle of friends or at an exhibition that just ended a while ago.
Perhaps, winter, heating and fragrance is the best combination.

There are a lot of fragrance brands. In the past two years, the main brands that come into our sight are zu malong, Diptyquede and so on.But can you tell me who is the oldest fragrance brand?

Cire Trudon, a French fragrance brand founded in 1643, has a history of more than 300 years and is now the world’s oldest manufacturer of royal fragrance.

Claude Trudon, the founder of Cire Trudon, married the owner of a Paris grocery store in 1643 and acquired a shop in the rue saint honore neighborhood of Paris, where candles were a key item.

In order to expand the candle business, Claude Trudon started a candle manufacturing family workshop, and the Cire Trudon brand was officially established. Beginning in 1719, Cire Trudon, in addition to the candles used for church ceremonies, became a designated candle maker for the French royal family. From Louis xiv and queen Marie Antoine to napoleon, Cire Trudon was loved by many royalty.

For this reason, the inscription on the stone tablet of the brand factory reads “only for god and the king”. Later, with the development of the brand, Cire Trudon is now the only fragrance brand designated by luxury brands such as Hermes, Cartier and Dior.

Cire Trudon has always insisted on the selection of raw materials.

At first, the brand took wax from the honeycomb so that the wax would burn without the smell of burnt black smoke and burning. The wicked wick of pure cotton is designed to burn without producing white smoke and even candlelight. Up to now, Cire Trudon insists on using only plant wax oil as raw material, such as palm oil and coconut oil, so as to avoid causing skin irritation and environmental protection.

In Cire Trudon’s candle-scented world, it also knows how to attract people’s attention. The colorful cylinder candle is one of the classic works. Each cylinder candle is decorated with reliefs. The series is a tribute to madame pompadour.


In addition, Cire Trudon integrates art into the design and presents candles as statues. And in numerous statue candle, most rich the sweet atmosphere modelling with legendary color is a pair of “human figure candle”.

The boy’s name was Alexandre and the girl’s name was Louise.

The incense of the original model is created by the great French sculptor – let – Anthony wu of, influenced by Rousseau classics “love” son “, let – Anthony wu, created this group of children with bust, the original collection now in the Louvre.