What are the types of scented candles

Prospects for the market development of scented candles
Series of craft candles

Candles are divided into jelly candles, crystal candles, paraffin wax, pearl wax, tea wax …

Making a candle is not as difficult as imagined. Many three-dimensional craft candles are casted after the mold is slightly carved and then colored. I designed a variety of models myself. The problem with higher technical content is in three-dimensional candle On the mold. It can be used directly after it is processed by a mold company.

At the same time, in the pursuit of personality, fashion, and uniqueness, DIY is prevalent today.If you open a stylish candle self-service store and let guests make the candles he envisioned, does it make the fresh things more fresh? And emphasize the production Fun, when guests make beautiful candles, they will appreciate it with heart, and naturally emphasize the ornamental.

When the fragrance diffuses in the room, the effect will show on the body——
Respiratory tract: through the sense of smell, through the blood to every part of the body. Because the mucosa in the nasal cavity is acidic, it can effectively absorb substances.

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Lung exchange: After entering the lungs from the respiratory tract, the alveolar oxygen is transported from the blood vessels to the whole body.

Brain center: The olfactory receiver directly enters the brain’s central system, prompting the brain to secrete hormones. Different tastes can cause the brain to secrete different hormones. Hormones themselves are composed of many chemical components and are transmitted to cells in various parts of the body. In order to achieve the efficacy of treatment.

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When referring to the “healing” effect, different aromas emitted by different scented candles will also produce different effects on the body, such as chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, etc., because sweetness is the main tone in the taste, it helps to eliminate Melancholy. As for floral fragrances, such as jasmine, rose, lily and chrysanthemum, all have aphrodisiac effects, which can eliminate unpleasant feelings in the heart and accelerate blood circulation. And some plants such as lavender, tea tree and cypress can bring healing function, can calm the body and mind, and also have antibacterial effect.