What is the relationship between the choice of scented candles and seasonal changes

How can I make a scented candle at home?
How to use scented candles

On a cold winter night, people are wrapped in blankets to keep warm, and on hot summer days, they always open windows to ventilate. At the same time, the choice of scented candles should change with the season. Burn the musk, amber, vanilla, frankincense candles in winter; in the summer, to stay fresh and comfortable, choose roses, lavender and rosemary.

1. The size of the room will affect the aroma concentration.

2. Different ordinary candles and aromatic candles, because the former can absorb the flavor of the latter.

3. Use only one or two fragrances. Our sense of smell can also feel numb because of its various fragrances.

4, try to choose a large candle on the surface of the candle. Because when the candle burns, the flicker of the candle wick will affect the atmosphere of the entire room.

5, often trimming the wick will affect the fragrance

Smell is the most serious sense of human beings, and most people distinguish about 10,000 different smells. Scents can be used to regulate mood and create an atmosphere. Some perfumes are best for part-time relaxation.

The fragrance overflowing in the room will immediately appear more flavors, making people feel comfortable and happy. In recent years, household fragrances have increased significantly in popularity, and there are a variety of spices on the market that are sufficient to evoke emotions and feelings.

One of the most convenient ways to create a room scent, the change is to push incense candles. In addition, flickering candles also help create a serenity and peace. Alternatively, you can use a special aroma stove to fumig the oil to make the room scent.

Scented candles, early 19th century. As early as 1893, the British Candle Company produced scented candles with blueberries. However, until recently, scented candles really caught. Today, with the minimalist family style prevailing, the big scented candle has become the bible of fashion life and is the main element of the “sanctuary” house.

Although there are many different kinds of scented candles on the market, in general, you should choose, the price is a bit expensive. Because candles contain flavor, they are better quality and burn slowly. At the same time, this candle is softer than ordinary candles and can be more effective in fragrant indoors. Soft candles burn evenly, so they retain their original shape for longer.