Analysis of gadgets dedicated to scented candles

Do you know that there are also notes on birthday candles?
DIY Aromatherapy Dried Flower candle

Aromatherapy candles are a very petty item of daily necessities. Small things can not only add color to your home life but also cultivate your sentiments. However, you must know that the use of scented candles is very particular. Since you have spent money to buy scented candles, you will not want to burn white. So in order to avoid some wrong operations, we still let professional tools do professional things!

1.Candle core trimmer

A professional wicking shear is necessary for “entry”. The ordinary scissors we use every day are difficult to cut into the wick because of the shape limitation.More importantly, the wick is trimmed with ordinary scissors, and the cut black wick will fall into the candle cup and cause pollution. And with a rounded wick cut, the broken ends will fall on the top of the round head, which is a very intimate design~

2. Candle cover, candle cover

If the candle cup has formed a “cave phenomenon”, the candle can be covered with an all-inclusive or semi-packed candle cover, and the hot air can form a reflow around the candle to make the candle burn flat. (With this, you don’t need to use bread foil outside the candle).When not using a scented candle, it is best to cover it with a lid. If the open opening is placed, it will be easy to fall off. The most important thing is that the fragrance is easy to lose. You can buy a beautiful candlestick or buy a scented candle with a lid.

3. Candle extinguisher

When you want to put out the candle, don’t blow it with your mouth. It is easy to splash the wax oil. The best thing is to buy a candle extinguisher.There are several types of candle extinguishers. The smaller ones are recommended by the bell-shaped candle-cutting cover. The candle is extinguished by the principle of air isolation, and the black smoke is prevented.

4. Igniter, match

Many scented candles have small mouths, or the wick that will burn out will be deep in the bottle. This requires an igniter for the scented candle, and the slender figure allows it to easily reach into the bottle.Of course, if you have both an atmosphere and a sense of ritual, a long handle is also an excellent choice.

5. Wax lamp

Finally, I recommend a tool that is also used by Xiaobian himself. In fact, fire is used when using aromatherapy candles, and there are always risk factors. The wax lamp is based on the heat of the lamp to melt the wax to release the fragrance, which is safe and harmless.

Not only does it melt the candle pool very flat, but it also saves you the money to buy some gadgets~