Why gift candles in bottles are popular

The gift candle combines elegant silhouette and stylish aesthetics. Compared with traditional candles, the gift candle is made of transparent glass bottles and has a soft color. Compared with traditional candles, it does not have the problem of candl […]

How to choose a good quality wedding candle?

Most of the wedding candle selection is to imply beautiful red and crimson, yellow, white, etc. There are many choices in choosing styles. There are also many styles. Flora and fauna, barbie, stars, heart shape and more. Common are long-column candle […]

What is a craft candle? What are the characteristics of craft candles

Craft candles are placed in glass jars of different shapes, just like Crystal International. Imagine that in the misty period, there are papaya cars on the streets of London, Cinderella crystal shoes, royal garden lanterns with side details, the blue […]

How to use scented candles

The scented candle has a fresh and pleasant scent. Unlike candles in the traditional sense, scented candles are a type of craft candle. The use of scented candles needs to pay attention to methods and methods. Simply lighting, senior candle lovers se […]

What is the relationship between the choice of scented candles and seasonal changes

On a cold winter night, people are wrapped in blankets to keep warm, and on hot summer days, they always open windows to ventilate. At the same time, the choice of scented candles should change with the season. Burn the musk, amber, vanilla, frankinc […]

How can I make a scented candle at home?

Aromatherapy candles can not only add fragrance to the room, but also create a romantic atmosphere. More importantly, it also has the effect of soothing sleep. For staying up late, Favia crocodile oil mask and aromatherapy are two great magic aids to […]

Smokeless Lavender Essential Oil Fragrance

Material: natural plant mixed wax Specification: 7 * 8.5CM (diameter * height) Net weight: about 160g Duration: 25 ° C at room temperature, about 40 hours Store below 55 ° C in a ventilated and dry place Citron craft candle is an art in life, which c […]

Aromatherapy candles are green health products

Candles are made of wax or other fuels, and have a wick in them that can continue to burn after ignition. In addition to the role of ignition lighting, it is still an essential element to decorate life. The difference between scented candles and trad […]

How candle manufacturers increase burning time

Candle storage: Please store candles in a cool, dark and dry place. Excessive temperature or direct sunlight will cause the wax surface to melt, which will affect the fragrance of the candle and cause insufficient ignition. Light the candle: Before l […]

Analysis of the characteristics of craft candles

Craft candle is a kind of candle that produces various colors of flames when it is incinerated. It is composed of the main burner, colorant and other additives. The principle of color development is based on that when certain metal ions or their comp […]