Selection tips for scented candles

The use of scented candles in the living room has become a new way for modern fashion families to adjust their lifestyle. So how should a scented candle be chosen? First, it varies from room to room. The size of the room will affect the concentration […]

How should the candle on the birthday cake be inserted?

In daily life, birthdays are common. It can be said that birthday is a kind of embellishment to life, and it is a ritual with a sense of ritual. In such a ritualistic scene, if there is no candle on the birthday cake, it is a birthday cake without so […]

What Is The Principle Of Candle Burning

All waxes are essentially hydrocarbons, which means they are largely composed of hydrogen (H) and carbon (C) atoms. The line in the middle of the candle is called the wick, which plays the role of liquid wax. When the candle is just produced, the can […]

The Candle’s Future Path

As consumer preferences shift, the candle industry is constantly evolving in response to these changes. Last month, the National Candle Association hosted its annual Conference and Expo, one of the largest tradeshows for candle makers and suppliers i […]

The difference between paraffin candles and soy candles

Candles can bring a romantic, evocative fragrance and a warm atmosphere to your home. However, many widely used candles are made from paraffin wax extracted from petroleum, chemical distillates, petroleum black, and the like. Candles made from natura […]

The history of the candle from ancient times to the present

It is now generally believed that candles originated from the torches of the primitive era. Primitives applied things such as fat or wax to bark or wood chips and bundled them together to make a torch for lighting. There are also legends in the ancie […]

Gift candles must develop several aspects that must be innovated

1. It can be added to the shape of other accessories, such as the production of candles with a base, so that you can start from the candlestick and produce a variety of different styles of candles, so that the candles of this shape will be favored by […]

Handmade beeswax candles (tutorial)

Whether it is a gathering of friends or a candlelight dinner, candles are more romantic than lighting. Today, Xiaobian will share a simple candle making tutorial – using beeswax, coconut oil, and glass bottles to make safe handmade candles, not […]

DIY scented candle tutorial with embedded plants

This kind of plant candle is very close to the way the wax is made. The tool is still the same: induction cooker, stainless steel pot, bean wax, dried flower, stir bar, thermometer, essential oil. In addition, you need to add a candle, a clip, a smal […]

Do you know the routine to buy scented candles?

In the market, the candles sold by the store are often colorful. At this time, the color basically represents the corresponding smell. For example, red generally represents rose scent, yellow always represents orange blossom, green is green tea, purp […]