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What are the characteristics and effects of aromatherapy candles
Aromatherapy candle placement technique

NO.1 If the quality of sleep is not good, should you use a non-fire essential oil or a scented candle?

We recommend using essential oils. The scented candles are used 2 hours before going to sleep, and can be extinguished when sleeping. Each time you use it for about 2 hours, ignite several candles according to your sensitivity to the fragrance. This aroma effect comparison Obviously, you can relax your spirit, calm your irritability and improve your sleep quality.



NO.2 scented candles and liquid essential oils, how are they used?

Use the essential oil scented candle, choose the scented scented candle, and ignite it in a safe place. If you don’t have a windproof cup or windshield, it is recommended to use it in glass or metal quilt. Use liquid essential oil, add water to the groove of the aromatherapy furnace to 80%, then add 3 to 5 drops of essential oil, ignite a tea wax, and place it in the hollow furnace below the aromatherapy furnace. When using liquid essential oils, it is usually added once every half hour.



NO.3What is the ratio of the size of the scented candle to the room?

Generally, a room of 15-20m2 can be used. The larger the space, the lighter the fragrance. If it is a relatively large space, it is recommended to ignite a few more, pay attention to choose the same fragrance.