Do you know how tealight candle is used?

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Before using the tealight candle, first understand some of the basic information of tealight candle.

Tealight candle, English called Tealight, also known as coffee wax, warm tea, its small size, burning a long time, is essential for Western families. Tealight candles, that is, the aluminum cans pouring wax bar, the birthday generally used to put the case, the burning time ranging from 1-3 hours according to the weight count, as the general bar, KTV, cafes, so called tealight candle.

Suitable for home, effectively remove formaldehyde, improve the home environment.Quchuankuai wax: Fragrance contained in the tealight candle has the effect of dispelling the smoke. When ignited, it reacts with the odor molecules in the air and combines with it to achieve the effect of dispelling the peculiar smell and at the same time, releasing the elegant fragrance.

Tealight candle is mainly used for aromatherapy or tea brewing, fragrance-free tealight candle is generally used to make tea . Flame from the appliance 10CM distance best) , Which is the fear of the smell of tea containing wax will affect the original fragrance of tea. Scented tealight candle is generally used in yoga or SPA, use to regulate the mood.

Of course, there is also used as a candle for love, that is, the tealight candle into some symbol of love or speech. It can be used in point-of-smell ovens, red tea, warm coffee, fuel in small and medium pots, camping stoves, and windshield lights. It also can be used to create a candlelight dinner to create a romantic atmosphere! Also suitable for use in KTV bars. In general, the application range of tealight candle is not rigidly limited, depending on the environment.Can purify the indoor air strongly, especially when someone smokes, remove smoke, smell, taste comfortable leisure. And can bring you a romantic atmosphere!

Tea wax tips

To make tea wax fully burn, the following is a little experience using tealight candle, and share with you:

1, Do not place outdoor or colder indoor combustion, the best ambient temperature should be 15 ~ 26 ℃;

2, do not directly on the material with good thermal conductivity burning, should be padded with a layer of cardboard, can play a role in extending the burning time;

3, before lighting, please arrange the aluminum shell: ① pick up the tea wax, with both thumbs press the wax block, so that the bottom of the aluminum shell bulging slightly outward; ② remove the wax block, press the inner shell with the thumb so that the aluminum The bottom of the shell is fully raised, then put the pieces of wax in the shell.

The above approach can maximize the residual wax after burning reduce the burning time.