Aromatherapy candle extinguishing candle tutorial

Use home scented candles to compare benefits and disadvantages
What is the scent of scented candles?

Prepare a pair of scissors, candle extinguishers or toothpicks, wire, etc., cotton swabs.0

Step 1: Push the wick into the wax with a candle or a toothpick wire, and then turn it off quickly. The speed is fast, and it will be straightened immediately after it is extinguished.

Step 2: After extinguishing the scented candle, try to trim the wick. Use a pair of ordinary scissors to trim off the excess black parts. Because the wick is too long, it will make the candle burn incompletely, and it will produce the black smoke phenomenon in our mouth.

Step 3: Use a cotton swab or other tool on the side of the candle that is not burning, and pull it to the center close to the wick. This will also prevent the scented candle from tunneling.