Do you know how to properly extinguish the scented candles?

Aromatherapy candle burning precautions
Do you know that there are also notes on birthday candles?

Candles are produced when lighting a scented candle, mostly because the core of the scented candle is too long or the candle is placed in a place where the wind is too strong.

An overly long wick can lead to incomplete combustion, which is the biggest cause of candle smoke. Therefore, if you want to be immune to ignition, the smartest way is to keep the wick at a distance of about 5 mm above the wax surface.

Unlike the candlesticks that are produced when lighting aromatherapy candles, the candlesticks that are produced when the aromatherapy candles are extinguished are due to the incorrect ‘fire-fighting’ method we use.

Are you all used to blowing off the scented candles by mouth blowing? In fact, this method is the most unacceptable, not only will produce a lot of pungent candle, but also cause harm to the human body.

The correct way to do this is to use a scented candle cover or use a candle to extinguish the fire. When you don’t have these items at home, you can use a wax to cover the wick to extinguish the fire.

More candle knowledge, please pay attention to scented candle manufacturers!