Why is the craft candle easily blown out?

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Light a candle and look at it from the side. You can see that the wick and the flame are not close together. There is a small distance between them. This means that when the craft candle burns, the candle core does not burn. It is actually a combustible gas combustion.

Where did the flammable gas come from? In fact, the wax is decomposed by heat and there is flammable gas.

Let’s take a look at the burning process of the candle. When waxing, the wax melts first, forming a small wax pool at the candle core. By capillary action, the wax liquid is continuously sucked up, and is decomposed into a combustible gas in the upper part of the process candle core, and then burned.


The process candle wax vapor is continuously decomposed to make the candle burn. The mouth is blown, the flame and the flammable gas are separated by the airflow, and the back road is cut off, and the candle is naturally extinguished.Did you find this principle?

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