Eight benefits of scented candles

1. Improve environmental sanitation, remove odor, decompose second-hand smoke and essence air. 2. Drive mosquitoes, antibacterials, and mites. 3. Soothe irritability, relieve stress, insomnia, headache, and make you happy. 4. Strengthen resistance, p […]

How to choose a scented candle?

The main component of the candle is a wax base with different components. Most candles on the market use paraffin because the cost is lower and the disadvantage is that it is easier to produce black smoke. The rest are palm wax, soy wax and beeswax. […]

How to make a beautiful candle cup an ornament?

After the scented candle is burned, there will still be residual wax at the bottom of the cup. It is a pity to lose it, because many scented candle cups are designed with super texture. If they can be cleaned, they can be used as pen holders, vases, […]

The Dehumidifying Effect Of Household Candle

The dehumidifying effect of candles cannot be ignored. The scented candles,jelly candles, floating candles,tea waxes, and meal candles used in life can all be used at this time. After the candle is ignited, there is a certain function of dehumidifica […]

Small crowd incense candles, let you bid farewell to the smell of the streets

Now more and more people begin to like scented candles, even some people have become to stock expert, a lot of people say disorderly spend money, but I think it is an attitude, a kind of attitude to life, Actually very simple: when everything around […]

DIY Proposing Rose Candles

Roses are a favorite of all women. Anyone who wants to marry will be able to make a hand-made rose candle with their own hands, and the results will definitely be more effective. Imagine a lit rose candle, the candlelight flashing on a cheerful night […]

Candles And Home Matching Skills

Home, as a very personal space, always reflects the owner’s internality. From choosing furniture, eating food, to decorating a room, everything tells people how you are and what kind of image you want to build. The beating flame is the ideal el […]

Unlike candles, Cire Trudon is far more inventive

These days, aromatherapy candles seem to be on a date, whether it’s in a circle of friends or at an exhibition that just ended a while ago. Perhaps, winter, heating and fragrance is the best combination. There are a lot of fragrance brands. In […]

Reveal the origin of the ancient candle

The ancient candle was mainly divided into yellow wax and white wax. Yellow wax is beeswax, originated in the han dynasty, is really a luxury, only wealthy aristocrats will a room a candlelight dinner what   Insect wax Ash is secretion of the as […]

Small candles are a huge market for gold

In many people’s eyes, candles only come in handy when there is a power failure. But don’t underestimate candles. They have a big market. It is reported that every year there is a demand of more than $120 of candle products, Europe and th […]